NT Spare Blade BA-100
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NT Spare Blade BA-100
BA-100 Brand NT Cutter
Item Type BA-type Spare Blade
Item No. BA-100
BABA x 5
Thickness 0.38 mm
Color -
Spec. World’s best selling BA-type blade. Using for various purposes: office, school, craft, hobby, industrial uses, etc.
Material Blade SK-2 Carbon Tool Steel
Package PP
Package-type Hanging OPP Bag
(Blades wrapped up in antirust paper)
Applicable Cutter A-type Light-duty Cutter
BA blade
Antirust Paper
BA-100 inner box
Inner Box

Packaging Data Quantity Type Material Size (mm) Weight (kg) Body Color Bar Code
Individual Packaging 1 set OPP Bag PP 23 x 113 x 3 0.010 - JAN 4904011026102
Inner Box 10 sets Paper Box Recycled Paper 46 x 103 x 25 0.107 - ITF 24904011026106
Shelf Box 100 sets Cardboard Box Recycled Paper 140 x 220 x 60 1.2 - ITF 54904011026107
Export Carton 1000 sets Cardboard Box Recycled Paper 320 x 460 x 170 14.5 - - -
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