NT Cutter M-500
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NT Cutter M-500
NT M-500 Brand NT Cutter
Item Type Plastic Cutter
Item No. M-500
Attached Blade
BM-1 BM-1 x1
BM-2 BM-2 x 1
Color -
Spec. Convenient craft cutter that comes with replacement blades for both plastic and design cutters. Design cutter blade is ideal for making model, DIY and removing burrs on plastic.

How to use
Make scratches on the material to 1/3 depth, and bend to cut.
Material Body ABS, PP
  Slider ABS, POM
  Blade BM-1: SK-2 Carbon Tool Steel
BM-2: SKS-7 Alloy Tool Steel
Size 139 x 24 x 17 mm
Weight 36 g
Package-type Hanging Paper Box
Attachment Blades
Applicable Blade BM-1, BM-2
Image -

Packaging Data Quantity Type Material Size (mm) Weight (kg) Body Color Bar Code
Individual Packaging 1 pce. Paper Box Recycled Paper 35 x 165 x 17 0.044 - JAN 4904011013058
Inner Box 10 pcs. Paper Box Recycled Paper 155 x 93 x 74 0.45 - ITF 24904011013052
Export Carton 100 pcs. Cardboard Box Recycled Paper 209 x 388 x 182 4.8 - ITF 54904011013053
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